Negaco unveiled 4K resolution in surveillance solution

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Neaco recently added new solution to their IP platform. The 4K solution with H.265+ compression format has been unveiled in IP cameras with an average reduce the bandwidth.
The H.265+ series as the latest compression in surveillance systems has been growing fast as a trend and Negaco applied this solution in their 8MP and 5MP cameras.
The backend systems also have been benefited of this advantage in 4K solution to comply with the front end systems for end user applications with reasonably price.
The 4K systems line supports full smart function include face detection, intrusion detection, line crossing, VCA  , Region entrance, Region exiting, Unattended baggage and Object removal.
Equipped with auto focus lenses, these cameras are able to make clear image of object.
These cameras are employed in RASTER brand series to feed the Iran market designed for applications such as public places, schools, hospitals, offices and the other applications.

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